Jagroop Singh. 24. Sacramento, CA 📍

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What equipment/programs do you make music with?

I first started making music with Fl Studio 9 which is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that many producers use to make beats. It’s been used by famous producers such as Boi-1da, Metro Boomin, Young Chop, Lex Luger, and TM88 just to name a few.

I stopped producing my own beats about 2 years ago and started using Logic Pro X for recording vocals and mixing and mastering my songs. I feel as though Logic Pro X is better for mixing and mastering vocals and the song as a whole while FL Studio is better for making beats. However, some artists do produce their beats on Logic Pro with J. Cole being one of them.

Have you recorded in an actual studio/how is that different from an at-home set up? 

I have recorded in an actual Studio in three different occasions. It’s a whole different vibe with recording at home as opposed to recording in an actual studio. I prefer to record at home because it allows me to take as much time as I need without having too worry about being charged for each hour. I also prefer mixing my own songs and adding the effects that I want. I feel as though it gives my music a more personal touch and it allows me to be as creative as possible without restrictions.




Three musicians that you’d say your style derives from? 

Travis Scott, Lil B, and and Kanye West. I’d say my style derived from these 3 artists the most because they all excitement with new sounds and styles. Travis influences me with his dark atmospheric vibes combined with his use of auto tune. Lil B influences me with his carefree attitude and optimistic personality. Kanye influences me with his production style and use of samples. He can create a whole song off of a 5-10 second sample on a level that I haven’t seen matched. I admire his creative outlook on music and how he’s always trying to push the boundaries of what rap music is or isn’t.

Can you remember the first rap song you ever heard? What was it and how did you hear it? 

I can’t remember the first rap song i’ve ever heard, but my earliest memories of rap music involve 50 Cent. I was in 4th or 5th grade and he had just dropped “The Massacre”. I remember going home and typing in 50 cent on google and going to his website. He had a beat playing in the background and I legit just sat there listening to it for about 15-20 minutes because it sounded so good. I was always drawn to the beats used in hip hop and rap music more than the vocals and that’s why I started off producing beats at first.

Plans on collabing with other local artists or flying solo for now?

I plan on flying solo for now while I still develop my style and improve my craft. A lot of artists don’t seem authentic to me. I can tell that they don’t have a true passion or love for making music. Instead, many of these “artists” pick this up as an attempt to get rich quick by hoping to become famous. I want to collaborate with artists who have a true passion for what they do and have a distinct style rather than sounding like everybody else.